OilySmudges launches!

After much effort designing, writing and preparing, OilySmudges is launching as a new source of information and, hopefully, insight for motorcycle enthusiasts everywhere. We aim to bring you news, comment and items of interest from the world of classic and bespoke motorcycles.

Why OilySmudges?

Anyone who’s ever undertaken a little home maintenance of their car or bike whilst referring to a workshop manual will be familiar with “oily smudges”, the indelible marks that reveal the history of the work you carried out on your pride and joy. After all, a clean workshop manual will never have been used in anger (often literally) and, we hope, these pages will inspire you to make more oily smudges on your own pages.

OilySmudges.com is a celebration of the by-products of those oily smudges, the magnificent, inspired creations that are the manifestation of the vision of its creators. Sometimes, these will be the work of whole teams working to a client’s brief but (hopefully) often, these will be the results of an individual, hand-crafting or assembling a collection of disparate parts that, somehow, combine to create something unexpected and remarkable.


Improvements to this site rely on you letting us know what you think of it. All of your feedback really is appreciated, so do please get in touch by sending an e-mail to editor@oilysmudges.com.