2015 Autumn Stafford Sale

This weekend brings the 22nd Carole Nash Classic Motorcycle Mechanics Show in Stafford and, with it, Bonhams’ 2015 Autumn Stafford Sale. Being unable to make it in person, I thought I’d console myself with a game of Fantasy Auction. What’s that? You’ve never played? Allow me to explain. In Fantasy Auction, you choose a real-life auction and then you set yourself a budget and then you pick the lots you really could be tempted by and what your maximum bid would be. After the auction, you can check the results to see whether you’d have been successful.

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Retro motorcycles

Over the past few years the market for retro motorcycles, those machines that conjure up memories of the past, has really expanded and now many of the mainstream manufacturers have at least one retro model in their range. With that in mind, I thought it might be entertaining to compare these machines with the ones they take their inspiration from. Continue reading


The nature of restoration projects

A question every budding motorcycle restorer will have to answer at some point is “What sort of restoration project do I want this to be?” which really means “What sort of motorcycle do I want to have at the end of all my hard work?”.

Ultimately, to a large degree, this will depend on what you want to do with it when it’s finished… Continue reading