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Here at, we’re a pretty inclusive bunch. We might have our own tastes as to what looks “right” to us but we also appreciate that life would be rather dull if we all liked exactly the same thing. So, no matter what your particular style, if your motorcycle makes you feel good just by looking at it, the chances are someone else will feel the same too. This is your chance to let everyone appreciate your hard work and ingenuity. Your motorcycle will probably fall into one of two categories:


If you’ve done something to your motorcycle that you think makes it “special” we would like to hear from you. This could be a one-off paint job that you designed yourself or a unique combination of after-market components and parts from different motorcycles combined to make a unique machine. All are welcome and you don’t have to be a bespoke builder with an unlimited budget, although if you are, that’s cool with us too.


What do we mean by “classic”? Well, anything aged fifteen years or older counts here. Whilst motorcycles in this category will tend to be largely original, total originality is not necessary.

How this works

Firstly, we’ll need some information from you, so please send the following in an e-mail to taking care to ensure that you include all the information:

  1. your name;
  2. how you heard about us;
  3. the make, model and year of your motorcycle;
  4. good quality photographs, the larger the better (or a link to an online location);
  5. a brief summary of your motorcycle, its points of interest and something about you;
  6. details of any specialist tools that our readers might be interested in; and
  7. details of any tools you made or modified to do any of the work.

Then, we’ll review your submission and get back to you if we require any further information. If, for any reason, we decide not to feature your motorcycle, we will write to you explaining why.

We count anyone who gets a motorcycle listed on OilySmudges as a friend of the site and we certainly want to hear from you again when you have another motorcycle to show us or anything motorcycle related that you think would make a good article for OilySmudges.

Hints and tips on how to get accepted

The better the description you give of why your motorcycle should be featured and the quality of the photographs you give us, the greater your chances of being accepted. Simple as that.