Yamaha Yard Built

Owning and running any motorcycle sets you apart from the ordinary, the run of the mill. And it’s this desire to be distinctive, different from the next person, that Yamaha is tapping into with the Yamaha Yard Built initiative.

Yamaha Yard Built

The line up

So far, this had led to the creation of thirteen specials from eight builders in four countries based on three models from the current Yamaha line-up:

Base models Builder Country
SR400, XV950 Benders Germany
SR400, XJR1300 Deus Ex Machina Italy
VMAX JvB-Moto Germany
SR400 KEDO Germany
XJR1300 Keino Japan
XV950 Low Ride Italy
XV950 (pictured above) Marcus Walz Germany
SR400, XJR1300 Wrenchmonkees Denmark

On completion, in addition to the high-profile publicity that their involvement with Yamaha brings, the builders have the chance to develop aftermarket packages for sale to Yamaha owners to enable them to recreate the look of the Yamaha Yard Built specials.

Whilst the opportunity to create a replica of a Yamaha Yard Built special will appeal to some, others may decide that they’re a good starting point but might just feel that, if just a couple of things were changed, they’d be absolutely perfect…

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