Suzuki Vintage Parts Service

Motorcycle manufacturers, it can be argued, have a duty to their own heritage and to play an active role in supporting owners of their older products by manufacturing spare parts for motorcycles that are out of production. Whilst all manufacturers undoubtedly do this to a degree, Suzuki is making greater mileage out of it with the creation of the Suzuki Vintage Parts Service.

Bikes included so far

It’s still early days for the service but they already have five machines in their Vintage Bikes section for machines built before 1990: RGV250 K-L VJ21, GT750 J-M, GSX-R750 F-H, GT250EX (X7) and A50P (AP50); and one more in their Modern Classics section for machines from the 1990s…the mighty GSX-R1100L.

A very special project

Which brings us neatly to the best part of the website supporting the Vintage Part service: a blog following the restoration of a 1990 GSX-R1100L by Suzuki’s Apprentice Centre which some of you might be familiar with from the pages of Classic Motorcycle Mechanics who are covering the progress of the apprentices as they restore this iconic machine.

Suzuki Vintage Parts GSX-R1100 Restoration ProjectA sense of community

But that’s not all. Not satisfied with simply putting information about parts for old machines online, Suzuki are also fostering a sense of community with links to specialist dealers, service providers and owners clubs. Of particular interest to those of a nostalgic bent is the Owners Gallery where you can find images of well over 100 machines to get you thinking about when you had one just like that. Then, if you’re lucky, you might find a wallpaper, poster, manual or magazine article about your favourite in the Downloads section. The GSX-R enthusiasts among you will find yourselves particularly well catered for. Understandably, they also give a gentle steer to their own insurance products and a range of Suzuki-branded clothing (and a mug).

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