Find It Fix It Flog It – Location search 2019

Once again, we are helping the team behind Channel 4’s Find It, Fix It, Flog It programme find potential filming locations (i.e. sheds, barns and garages) for their new series.

In the unlikely event that you’re unfamiliar with the programme, the presenters, Henry Cole and Simon O’Brien, visit people’s sheds, barns and garages (basically, anywhere filled with clutter that they wouldn’t mind getting rid of) to seek out two items each and then restore them to see how much money they can make selling the restored items on, with all profits going back to the original owner. A large range of items are being sought, which can include cars, motorbikes, furniture, scrap metal and old mechanical equipment.

If you want to get your face on the telly and you have a shed rammed full of interesting stuff (some of which you could be persuaded to part with), this represents a great opportunity. Although filming has already started, the official deadline for applications is 16 August 2019 but I’d get my application in sooner rather than later if I were you – just visit to find out more. They promise to keep the location of your shed private as they are passionate about keeping our heritage safe.

p.s. Don’t forget to tell them where you heard about it…