Avon Trailrider

January 2015 saw a brand new tyre range announced by Avon. Available from June 2015, the Avon Trailrider falls into what Avon calls the adventure sport class and replaces the Avon Distanzia in their line-up. This means that it will suit machines such as Kawasaki’s Versys, Triumph’s Tiger Explorer, Yamaha’s XT and Moto Guzzi’s Stelvio.

Avon say that the Trailrider combines the road-focussed qualities of their Storm 3D X-M sports tourer tyre with a chunky, off-road tread design and that they designed it with the British climate and roads in mind.

The Trailriders also feature Avon’s 3D Sipe technology adopted from their High Performance tyre ranges. What this means is that the tread pattern is made up of “three-dimensional interlocking toothed grooves”. Now, whilst you might reasonably think that any groove by its very nature is three-dimensional (and you’d be right), what’s clever about these is their ability to open when the roads are wet to shift water away from the contact area (where the rubber meets the road) and then to lock together under load to enhance road-holding and stability, and has the added benefit of decreasing tyre warm-up times.

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