Avon StreetRunner AV83

It’s still the rainy season here in the UK and if you ride a learner or commuter bike (specifically those in the 125cc class) you might be interested to learn that Avon have launched a new range of tyres that sound as though they were designed with our weather in mind.

Avon say they’re optimised for “wet weather and urban performance” which, I like to think, translates into “when it’s raining in town”. Avon also say that the tread pattern clears water and reduces tyre warm-up times.

Universal fitments are available (see table below) but OEM size options are available for Honda’s CBF125 and CBR125, and Yamaha’s YBR125 and YZF125.

Avon StreetRunner AV83

Avon StreetRunner AV83

Avon StreetRunner AV83 Technical Summary

Fitment Size
StreetRunner (front) 2.75-18 48S
Streetrunner (front) 80/100-17 53S
Streetrunner (rear) 100/90-17 55S
Streetrunner (rear) 130/70-17 62S
Streetrunner (universal) 2.50-17 43S
Streetrunner (universal) 2.75-17 47S
Streetrunner (universal) 100/80-17 52S
Streetrunner (universal) 3.00-18 47S
Streetrunner (universal) 90/90-18 51S

For full technical specifications, visit the Avon Tyres website.

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