New iOS app: We motovlog

Guest post written by Adam from Teammotovloguk who’s going to tell you all about his app for motovloggers, subscribers and bikers.

What is motovlogging?

We motovlog app - main screen

If you film your biking adventures or commute to work, you are a motovlogger. A motovlogger wears an action camera on their body, helmet or secures it to their motorcycle. They often talk about whatever topic is on their mind or react to what’s around them.

One of the UK’s most popular motovloggers, named Royal Jordanian, rides around London and records things from sports cars, royal guards, lost holidaymakers and other bikers.

Some motovloggers review motorcycles that they pick up for test rides, some ride off-road, some ride in the hills of Sweden and some ride the busy streets of New York. There is something for everyone.

They share their videos on sites such as YouTube, however the issue is that YouTube tends to promote successful motovloggers and it becomes hard for the less but sometimes equally or more entertaining motovloggers to get noticed.

That’s where We motovlog helps.

Random search…Featured…Top 10…Keyword

We motovlog works with YouTube to bring you a random selection of motorcycle videos. It has featured motovloggers that are specially picked by motovloggers; shows the top 10 most searched for motovloggers of that day; or, you can use Keywords to narrow your search down to Kawasaki, Honda or anything you can imagine.

What about normal bikers?


You can also create, attend and see what motorcycle events are happening around you. Just follow a few simple steps to create and promote your own meetup and see who clicks that ‘Attend’ button, from there you can easily watch their videos and contact them. You can also say you’re attending by clicking one button.

That’s not all it does. The app’s map will guide you to the event via GPS, tell you how far the event is from you and how long it will take you to get there.

We motovlog app – meetups

We motovlog app – meetups

We motovlog - events

We motovlog – events

We motovlog - search results

We motovlog – search results

We motovlog is available on all devices running iOS 9 or newer. It’s free and you can download it from iTunes.

You can catch up with Adam on Twitter (@teammotovloguk).

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    • This was one the first questions I asked the developer. They plan to develop the Android version later this year. We’ll announce it in our newsletter when it happens.

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