Rise of the Sausage Fest

This another guest post written by Adam from Teammotovloguk who’s going to tell you all about their next event.

What do you get when one of Britain’s most treasured motovloggers and the legendary Loomies Motocafe team up? You get a sausage fest of course. Hundreds of motovloggers and subscribers gather from every corner of the U.K to attend and it’s on again very soon.

Sausage Fest 2016 poster

Sausage Fest 2016

Spicy110 is the brains behind the event but couldn’t do it without the help of his friends and fellow motovloggers, Phil Tonic and Miss Red Renna.

The first event was in September 2015 and was clearly a success. In fact it’s safe to say that the hosts were overwhelmed with all the support they received from the community.

Hundreds of motovlogs were uploaded to YouTube within two weeks of the event, each from happy attendees and each showing that great day from their own perceptive.

Then came The Frosty Small Sausage Fest in January 2016. The name of the event came true because it was a frosty day, however the fest wasn’t small.

“The idea of the meet is to bring as many vloggers and subscribers together in one place on one day. The fans can meet the people who make the videos they have been watching for years. It also gets the vloggers to realise the love people have for them and gives them the boost to make more.”


The third Sausage Fest is to be held at Loomies Motocafe on 16 July this year and is likely to smash the record of the previous Sausage Fests. Hundreds of motovloggers and subscribers are packing their tank bags and filling their steeds with fuel ready for the event.

The new mobile app for motovloggers and fans, named We motovlog (available for free on the app store) is kindly buying 100 cups of tea for guests at The Silly Sausage Fest 2016. All you have to do is grab your voucher when you arrive.

Silly Sausage Fest
Loomies Motocafe
Alton Road
West Meon
GU32 1JX

16 July 2016
12 noon